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Everything you need is already included in our hosting plans!

S$ 3
  • 3 GB
  • 1 Core & 0.5 GB
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S$ 5
  • 10 GB
  • 1 Core & 1 GB
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S$ 8
  • 25 GB
  • 1 Core & 2 GB
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S$ 15
  • 50 GB
  • 2 Core & 2 GB
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S$ 20
  • 150 GB
  • 2 Core & 3 GB
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What is included?
Everything that keeps your website & email running better, faster and safer!

Core Features
✔ 24x7x365 Hero Support
Run into any issues? Do approach one of our Heros for help!
✔ 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Your website & email will be running for 99.9% in any calendar month or you receive credit from us for any outages!
✔ 100 Mbps Premium Bandwidth
We use only premium multihomed bandwidth. You get a maximum speed of 100 Mbps
✔ Unmetered Bandwidth
Use as much data transfer as you need as long as it is fair to other users
✔ Latest Intel Xeon E5 Processors
Every server is installed with Two units of the latest Intel Xeon E5 processors
✔ High Performance SSD only
We use only High Performance SSD configured with RAID10 for the best performance!
✔ Guaranteed, Non-Oversold Resources
We do not oversell our server resources. You get your guaranteed amount of CPU & RAM and only upgrade when you hit the limits
✔ cPanel Control Panel in Linux
Manage your website & email easily with cPanel, the most popular control panel for hosting service. We use Linux Operating System for best speed & security
✔ Softaculous Installer
Choose from among over 400 apps to be installed easily in one click. Maintain patches for Wordpress, Joomla, osCommerce to name a few easily!
✔ Singapore Datacenter
Your data are all stored safely in our Singapore datacenter that is ISO27001:2013 certified!
Website Features
✔ Unmetered MySQL Databases
Create as many MySQL databases you need within the resources you subscribed
✔ Unmetered Subdomains
Create as many subdomains ( as you wish for all your websites on the server
✔ Unmetered Parked Domains
Buy all the domains you require and park them for free, so every domain points to your website!
✔ Unmetered FTP Accounts
Create as many FTP accounts you need for different FTP users to upload files to the server
✔ phpMyAdmin Provided
phpMyAdmin is provided for ease of managing MySQL databases
✔ Awstats Provided
Get useful website statistics in beautiful charts and tables to know your visitors by hourly, daily or monthly!
✔ Error logs Provided
Effectively troubleshoot issues with your website based on the error logs that are captured (up to last 300 lines)
✔ Custom Apache/PHP Build
If your applications require Apache/PHP other than the default version installed on our server, let us know and we will customise the build for you

Security Features
✔ Web Application Firewall
Actively protecting you from HTTP attacks, Javascript & SQL injections, Cross Site Scripting XSS and OWASP vulnerabilities
✔ Web DDoS Protection
Web DDoS Protection allows legitimate traffic to reach your website while certain size of DDoS attack is blocked automatically
✔ Web Malware Scanner
Your website is actively scanned by our Malware Prevention Software, while at the same time newly uploaded files are also scanned for malware to ensure your website is clean from malware
✔ Intrusion Protection
Any brute force attempt to guess your password for website, email, control panel etc will be blocked automatically
Email Features
✔ Email AntiSpam
Antispam features and rules are adopted to help reduce the junk mails
✔ Incoming & Outgoing Email Archival
Keep a copy of incoming & outgoing email for as long as you want!
✔ Intuitive & Simple Webmail
Fast and easy-to-use webmail is provided in every Cloud Hosting service
✔ Large 25MB Attachment
Send emails containing attachment as large as 25MB!
✔ Unmetered Email Accounts
Create as many email accounts as you wish within the diskspace you subscribed
✔ Unmetered Email Forwarders
Create as many email forwarders you need to redirect emails to designated mailboxes
✔ Unmetered Email Autoresponders
Create as many autoresponder or vacation messages you need for every email user
✔ SMTP, POP3, IMAP Supported
The standard email protocols such as SMTP, POP3, IMAP are all supported
✔ No Mailing List
Mailing lists are not hosted on the server, which means you are less likely to face problems sending email out through dirty/blacklisted IPs. Clients who need Mailing List can contact us for a better solution

Disaster Prevention Features
✔ Daily Backups
Daily backup is made and kept for 7 days for your data recovery and restoration. Recovery is free too!
✔ Global DNS
DNS is hosted on global datacenters, maximising speed and reliability
✔ Global Monitoring
The reliability of our servers and network is monitored from our global monitoring servers to ensure they are up and running all the time
cloud hosting for web email Singapore